4×4 Basic Training

Nothing can beat hands on training. That is especially true in off road backwoods four wheeling. First and foremost is SAFETY. Nothing spoils a day of fun more than someone getting hurt or worst killed. Four wheeling has its own set of hazards and some are deadly. So lets start out with some basic SAFETY RULES.

  • Recreational 4 wheeling is NEVER done alone (that means two or more vehicles).
  • Seat belts are MANDATORY for ALL people in the vehicle.
  • Always have a well maintained basic 4×4 rescue kit.
  • NEVER snatch with a wire cable or chain 9this is one of the deadly rules).
  • ┬áHave on hand a basic set of mechanical tools.
  • Dress for the environment.
  • Get training and learn from others.

There are many more safety rules but those are the basic. The nice thing about belonging to a Jeep club is the family fun but more importantly is the accumulated experience of those in the club. Louisiana Tri Parish Jeepers is committed to Safe Family Four Wheeling. No matter what your experience level, we are here to help one another learn all aspects of owning a Jeep.

This is a well made and informative video. A good video to get your thoughts headed in the right direction.

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