Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to Our Website

When the Going Gets Tough

The Jeeps Get Going

Blasts from the Past

4 wheeling in the boonies, camping under the stars, dancing in the camp, kids laughter carried in a breeze, roasting campfires tickling your nose, peddling in a parade, mud filled Louisiana Rebocks, gator tails on a stick, hiding in a tent doing your business on a potty, ahh yes, the Jeeper life.  

Mrs Heathers Strawberry Patch

Who doesn’t enjoy pigging out on strawberries?

Blessing of the Jeeps

With spring/summer activities starting, this is the perfect time to get those Jeeps blessed. 

We had a great get together. See pics.

Ratchet Garage

Where Jeeps Go for Repairs & Mods


Jeep Novelties

Knick Knacks for Jeeps

U.S. Website Studio

Web Design for Local Business

Oh My Vinyl


Vinyl, Sublimation, Screen Prints, Craft Supplies, Wooden Blanks, T-Shirts, Epoxy and Tumblers


Sprinkles & Spice

Children's Boutique specializing in custom orders including Decals, Screen Print, Sublimation and Embroidery

Who Are We?


Our club is a family and we treat each member with respect and dignity, regardless of your Jeeping experience. If you are not comfortable trying an obstacle on a ride, go around it. No one will ever make fun or ridicule you. We all have different skills and budgets. In addition, we  take safety and training seriously. We offer training classes from time to time for people who want more experience in off-road situations and also to learn proper recovery techniques. Our goal is to provide a fun environment where we can all enjoy our passion for Jeeps.

Community Service

We participate in community events like trash pick ups and have provided vehicles for veterans in local Veterans Day Parades. Our trail rides are fun, easygoing, with a little challenge thrown for the adrenalin junkie. They often more than not provide the entertainment with their antics. We are also a group that gives back to the community by planning charitable events throughout the year supporting local organizations.

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